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Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities.

It's time to look at the different categories of pests and the ways they can be prevented. If you can't prevent , contact us soon !

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed at night and hide during the day. They prefer dark, protected areas and will seek shelter around the seams and tags of mattresses and in the crevices of the bed frame.

The primary hosts for bed bugs are humans although they will feed on other animals like cats, dogs, birds or rodents if necessary.

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Scorpions become pests when their natural habitat is changed or damaged by things like flooding, construction or logging. Displaced scorpions may then seek shelter and food in houses.

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Hornets is a social insect. This means that it lives in a colony. The colony starts in the spring with a fertilized queen that spent the winter hibernating. She finds a place to build a nest. The usual nest sites are holes in trees, but these insects also make nests in attics or wall voids of homes and occasionally in the ground.

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When these pests find their way inside through open doors or windows, they usually rest in dark, hidden areas within the house, but will come out at night to take a blood meal.

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so properties near ponds, marshes, and depressions that collect rainwater are at risk.

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Cockroaches seek out dark sheltered areas with plenty of moisture such as the motors of refrigerators and dishwashers, in the insulated area of stoves, along the gaskets around refrigerator and freezer doors and behind the kick plates under base cabinets.

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Spiders live in almost every type of habitat except for the polar regions and extreme elevations.

Spiders like to build their homes in calm, sheltered areas and sometimes that may end up being in your basement or attic. If you see a spider, remain calm.

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Many people are terrified of snakes, especially when they find them in their home.

Snakes are a great form of natural pest control as they love to eat rodents. This however may lead snakes into your garden, home, or garage because they are following their prey.

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Flies usually dart around your fluorescent lights and windows, and will hear that characteristic buzzing. You may notice little black marks on your light bulbs which are fly droppings.

You may find these little pods in your house, which is another indicator that you have a fly problem.

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All it takes is a small crack or crevice for a mouse or rat to sneak into your home while searching for food and shelter. Mice can fit through a space about the size of a dime, while a rat needs a little more room, about the size of a quarter. These unwelcome house guests will raid your pantry, garbage and pet bowls for food.

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These pests like two things: moisture and wood. Look for areas with excess moisture in your home that may have been damaged by leaky pipes, air conditioning units and places where water is not properly draining away from the house’s foundation. Also check cracks in the foundation and woodpiles stacked near your home.

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Generally, ants prefer moist and warm environments near their food source. They may live in soil, dead trees, under rocks or in mulch. The moisture works as the ants’ water source and keeps the environment at a more constant temperature.

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Wild pests

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